Hanoians make an art of their precious lotus tea. Many people may think the price of VND7 million a kilo is high, but even a glimpse of the production process is enough to prove its value for money.

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Vietnam needs long-term plan to restore the marine ecosystem

Dr. Mai Trong Nhuan from Vietnam National University in Hanoi talked with Dan Tri about measures to restore the ecosystem and environment in four central provinces that were polluted by the Formosa mass fish deaths.

More Vietnamese arrested for illegal fishing in Australian waters

Vietnamese authorities have expressed their support for 30 Vietnamese fishermen who were arrested for illegally fishing in Australian waters.

Locals to benefit from $500m Fomosa compensation

The long-awaited confirmation that Formosa were responsible for the mass fish deaths that blighted four central region provinces has offered a silver lining for fishing communities.

Bus rapid transit project failure reveals true face of officialdom

The former head of Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project's management board has been accused of being rude and having a scornful attitude towards the media and public after being questioned about the city’s bus rapid transit project.