The WHO's Representative to Vietnam said that health officials should consider the current outbreak of measles an emergency, as the number of fatalities continues to rise.

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Minister of Transport slams the rail industry

The minister of Transport strongly criticised the rail sector for its disorganisation, something which has been widely complained about by customers.

Artists reveal reality behind showbiz glitter

Two Vietnamese artists talked about the real lives of Vietnamese celebrities, giving an image that is completely different from what many of the artists themselves are trying to promote.

New e-book device to further education reform

A new version of an e-book device has been launched in Vietnam as part of the effort to promote education reform in the country.

Quang Ninh shooting not a terrorist attack

A group of Chinese residents attempting to enter Vietnam illegally stole guns and fired at on-duty Vietnamese border guards in Quang Ninh province on April 18.

Vietnam seeks ways for overseas nationals to maintain nationality

Vietnamese authorities are looking for ways to help millions of overseas Vietnamese maintain their nationality as the deadline for the regulation approaches.