Many people in Hanoi have started growing vegetables inside their homes as concerns about the additives on food products grow among the population.

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State budget and treasury misused and misallocated

The Government Inspectorate has discovered several cases of malfeasance related to accounting and dispersal of the state budget and treasury.

Chinese oil rig cost Vietnam 0.7% of GDP

China’s illegal placement of Haiyang Shinyou 981 oil rig on the Vietnamese continental shelf was estimated to have cost Vietnam 0.7% of its GDP, according to one expert.

US visa issuance delayed from technical problem

David McCawley, the senior representative of the US Consulate in Vietnam has announced that a computer problem has reduced their capacity to process visas.

Vietnamese mini-submarines shipped to Malaysia

A man in HCM City revealed that a Malaysian firm has ordered five of his homemade mini-submarines for tourism purposes after he failed to find any domestic buyers.

Casino prizes may now be paid in foreign currencies

The Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam has issued a draft circular which allows prize-winners at casino to receive their payouts in foreign currencies.