Banks in Vietnam have stepped up competition to win the deposits of year-end remittances from overseas workers, which are a profitable source of income.

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Veterans flock to pay tribute to great Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen Giap

Veterans of the French and American wars flocked to the house of the late General Vo Nguyen Giap to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Vietnam People's Army.

Fires break out in Hanoi streets, to warm night workers as winter cold bites

Fires are breaking out all over Hanoi, but these blazes are good, providing respite for street vendors and night workers as winter's cold begins to bite in the capital.

Educators want closer link with business to find work for graduates

Universities want closer vocational links with business in Vietnam to speed up the transfer of tertiary graduates into viable jobs.

Vietnamese, Cuban Defence Ministers hold talks

Vietnam and Cuba sought to bring the defence cooperation to the next level of development during talks between their defence ministers in Hanoi.

DTiNews readers build new house for blind boy

A six-year-old blind boy has a new 64-square metre home in Phu Tho Province, thanks to the generosity of DTiNews readers in the Urkraine.