Ha Tinh police make large wild animal smuggling bust
  • By Xuan Bac-Van Dung | dtinews.vn | December 27, 2011 06:02 PM
 >>  Police busts pangolin smuggler

Police in the central province of Ha Tinh seized two tonnes of illegally poached animals, including snakes, tortoises and monitor lizards. 

 Baskets and bags of wild animals from the truck
This is the biggest case of wild animal smuggling in the district to date.

Senior lieutenant-colonel Pham Viet Hung, Deputy Head of the provincial Economics Police Department, said that after some investigation the anti-smuggling board, under the department, decided to detain the truck, driven by 26-year old Nguyen Van Linh.

The truck was carrying 23 containers of snakes, 128 containers of monitor lizards and 14 bags of tortoises, totaling weight of 1,953kg.

Failing to provide any documents attesting to the legal origin for the wild animals, the driver was taken into custody and the contents of the truck seized by police for investigation. 

Because the animals were not on the rare or endangered list they were auctioned off by local authorities by December 26. The auction earned a total of VND370 million (USD17,619).  

Over the past month authorities in Ha Tinh have made three busts for the illegal transport of wild animals, all on the section of National Highway 8A that runs through Huong Son District, where near the international border gate of Cau Treo.

Most recently, on December 11, the provincial police seized a car with fake registration plates transporting nearly 400 kilos of live pangolins.

Inspection of the truck's contents

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