Pollution threatens the existence of a community
  • | | May 31, 2010 09:43 AM

Hundreds of families in Hung Dong Commune, Vinh City, have been living in a dangerously polluted environment for nearly 2 years.

Song Lam Sabeco Packaging JSC is believed to be the cause of the pollution.

According to local residents, untreated waste water from this factory has been discharged directly into the ditch of Trung My Hamlet. It has made the ditch’s water turn milky white and creatures living under the ditch cannot even survive.

Dang Thi Thao, from Trung My Hamlet, said angrily, “We are old now. It’s fine if we die. But children here cannot survive because of the factory's polluted waste water.”

Pham Hieu Tam, Manager of Hung Dong 1 Agriculture Cooperative said, “The waste water of the company has affected 14 hectares of land. Four hectares have been abandoned and growing on the remaining land has had little productivity.”

Furthermore, water sources from ponds and lakes have harmed the wells. Consequently, local people do not have enough fresh water to use.

A news source from the Environmental Police Department of Nghe An Province’s Police revealed that the waste water treatment system of Song Lam Sabeco Packaging JSC did not work. The department is preparing a report and will submit it to the provincial People’s Committee for their direction.

Tran Van Canh, from Hung Dong Commune complained, “I have to take water out and keep it for 2 hours before using it, this way horrible smell of the water isn't as bad. After that, it will be treated through a filter but it makes my children's skin itchy.”

People here have no way to deal with the pollution. They have reported to authorities at different levels but the situation has not improved.

Phan Thi Quynh Nga, Administrative Manager of the company, confirmed the fact on meeting held on April 15, 2009. However, she explained that it was not waste water produced by her company and says it was a kind of oil used for road construction.

Nguyen Tien Thanh, a State inspector for Hung Dong Commune shared with DTiNews, “The situation became worse even after the company’s road construction was complete and I believe the pollution is caused by their waste water. It’s very strange that the drainage sewer became dry when the inspection group came and investigated. They may have some way to release their untreated waste water that we cannot know. We have already sent a report to the People’s Committee of Vinh City but have yet to receive any response,” added Thanh.

Regarding this issue, Ho Uyen Vu, an official from the Natural Resources & Environment Department said, “Song Lam Sabeco Packaging JSC released untreated waste water. We coordinated with the Bac Vinh Industrial Zone Development & Investment Company to investigate and requested them to stop discharging waste water into the ditch and repair their waste water treatment system.”



Creatures living under the ditch cannot survive

Water of the ditch is milky white

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