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Revolutionary singer gives up lecturing position for the stage
  • By Nguyen Hang | | September 12, 2013 12:01 PM

Vietnam’s famous veteran singer of “Red music”, Trong Tan, the communist revolutionary music genre in Vietnam, has submitted his petition to the National Music Academy’s leaders so that he can leave his current job of being a lecturer.


Singer Trong Tan

His decision has drawn great public concern, from many artists as well as his fans. They believe it would be a mistake for someone who is a very good lecturer at the academy and is expected to become the head of the Vocal Music Department to resign.

People’s Artist Trung Kien who was Trong Tan’s teacher seems to greatly regret Trong Tan’s decision. Kien denied the supposition that Tan gave up the teaching job because of the modest salary.

“He seemed to be interested in teaching music very much and asked me to help him to prepare a doctoral thesis. It is not easy at all to become a lecturer at the academy. He is a good lecturer, but now, his resignation will affect 14 of his students,” Kien added.

Kien, however, said that he was not surprised at this news because two years ago, Tan told him that he wanted to leave the academy.

“He has his own reasons for this. I think that being a good lecturer needs great devotion. It's impossible to be a lecturer, if you're always thinking about performing.” Artist Trung Kien noted.

Singer Anh Tho who often performed with Tan said she was totally surprised at Trong Tan's decision and really felt bad for him.

It’s for shows

Meanwhile, Trong Tan said, “Artist Trung Kien doesn't really understand me. Everyone has his or her own way of thinking. I have my own job orientation. I want to gave up the teaching job because I can't find the time to be a lecturer and a performer at the same time.

Trong Tan and Anh Tho

Over the past ten years, he tried to do his teaching job as well as he could. Now if he arranged his time better, maybe he could return to being a lecturer, he said, emphasising the fact that he did not want to adversely affect the academy’s activities because of his personal work.

According to People’s Artist Trung Kien, if everyone had behaved like Trong Tan, the National Music Academy would have stopped operation. Many old professors, such as those at the Piano Department, still cycle to the academy every day even though they have only a few students.

Some people said that Trong Tan’s resignation might be related to the scam of one year ago when he and Anh Tho were banned from performing both inside and outside the country for one year, starting from August 1, after they left Laos and quit participating in a Vietnam-Laos friendship music programme in July.

People’s Artist Trung Kien said, in all the years he's worked at the National Music Academy, no one has ever given up their job for similar reasons. “If someone resigned from the job, it was for another reason, not to be a free artist like him,” he noted.

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