Lately, young Vietnamese people have taken to the trend of ultra-running, which has recently swept across Europe.

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Fuel prices cut for the eighth time this year

The Ministry of Finance has just slashed fuel prices by VND440 to VND550, making this the eighth fuel price reduction this year.

International schools inaccessible to average Vietnamese students

Several international and private schools in Hanoi charge very high tuition fees, sometimes reaching the hundreds of millions of VND per year.

Vietnam ranks among top expat destinations

Vietnam ranked third in Asia among the most attractive destination for expats, according to a survey conducted by HSBC.

Miss Vietnam candidate ousted for having work done

One Miss Vietnam contestant has been disqualified because of suspicions she has had plastic surgery.

Pu Mat National Park re-releases rare animals

Pu Mat National Park has just released a number of rare species caught by hunters.