Many projects in what Vietnamese investors once termed the "golden land", along coastlines in Danang City have been stagnant for years and authorities have not revoked the land.

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Repair on undersea internet cable completed soon

Repairs to the Asia America Gate Way undersea Internet cable is expected to be completed on July 30, restoring normal internet service to users.

Quang Nam authorities seek earthquake forecasts

Quang Nam provincial authorities have asked other agencies to help with an earthquake forecast for the region around Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant.

VietJet Air fined for landing mistake

The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam decided to fine low-cost carrier VietJet Air a total VND107.5 million for landing at the wrong airport last week.

Oldest person in Vietnam may keep world record

Nguyen Thi Tru, a 121-year-old woman from HCM City, is the oldest living person on record in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Records Organisation.

Endangered bear found in central Vietnam

Another Asiatic black bear was recently recorded by one of the camera traps installed in central Quang Nam Province by the World Wide Fund for Nature.