Former vice chair of ACB Bank, Nguyen Duc Kien, denied the charges against him by the Supreme People's Procuracy and demanded to confront several people related to the case.

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Perpetrator in Can Tho shooting incident a police officer

The young man who fired several gunshots from a guesthouse in Can Tho on April 16 was identified as a police officer, according to local authorities.

Tycoon Nguyen Duc Kien stands trial

Tycoon Nguyen Duc Kien, former vice chair of ACB Bank, is in court today facing charges of major crimes that caused huge losses to a local bank.

The money question

One of the smaller but startling cultural differences many foreigners encounter when coming to Vietnam is that it seems to be perfectly okay to ask a perfect stranger how much money they make.

Old Hanoi meets new in panoramic views

Panoramic photos show Hanoi in the process of development, with old and dusty homes next to new and modern buildings.

Regulation requiring insurance for domestic help draws fire

Many people have voiced objections to a newly-issued regulation requiring employers of domestic helpers to pay labour insurance.