The salaries of Vietnamese workers are among the lowest of all Southeast Asian countries, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

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Young artist imagines a better Hanoi

A young photographer and graphic designer named Phan Thanh Tung has been using his skills to express his love for Hanoi along with his wish to change the city for the better.

Abandoned boy left to fight illness alone

A small boy in Yen Bai Province was abandoned by his parents after they learned he had a blood disorder.

CAAV employees under scrutiny after power outage

The Ministry of Transport announced that all incompetent employees would be dismissed following a power outage at the HCM City air control tower.

Vietnam seeks UNESCO recognition for Vi-Giam folk singing

Vietnam is requesting UNESCO recognition for Vi-Giam folk singing at the organisation’s meeting from November 24-28 in Paris.

Cemeteries enveloped by urban sprawl

Due to the fast pace of urbanisation, the sprawl has taken up land that was once agricultural and even surrounded cemeteries.